Sante! Belgium wants its beer on global culture list

From brown ales to golden pilsners to the strong trappist brews produced in monasteries, Belgian beer is enjoyed around the world.

Now, Belgium is asking the United Nations’ heritage body to add its beer-making and drinking culture to a list of traditions worth protecting, saying that brewing fosters a unified identity in a country with three official languages.

EU’s ‘sharing economy’ stifled by petty rules on coat hangers to light bulbs 

Europe’s bid to champion the “sharing economy” is being undermined in the short-term rental sector by capitals imposing petty rules such as dictating the number of coat hangers home-owners must provide, a complaint filed to the European Commission says.

Columbia Missourian

Central Missouri Honor Flight gives Vietnam veterans a second homecoming

COLUMBIA — In 1967, Chuck Snow and Janis Wooten met for dinner at a pizza parlor in Overland Park, Kansas.

They had gone on one previous date and had gotten along well. But she lived in Kansas City, and he attended college over 100 miles away. Then he spent a year out of the country. Four years passed until they saw each other again.

During their reunion at the pizza parlor, a balloon popped.

Columbia police learn victim-centered interviewing techniques to launch new program

COLUMBIA — Sexual assault victims often don’t remember an incident in a way that seems logical. Small sensory details can stand out — the color of a poster, the design of a belt buckle — while the chronology of events or personal characteristics of the assailant might be hard to retrieve.

COLUMBIA — About half a dozen theater students gathered around a table in the wings of the Stephens College Macklanburg Playhouse and tried to talk over the grunts, moans and screams coming from the nearby stage. They passed around ibuprofen, dabbed Tiger Balm on each other’s sore muscles and used bags of frozen peas to ice their aches.

The Columbia Business Times

Startup World: Building Columbia’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


Chad Haney says there are two kinds of developers — those who want a stable job in an established company with a guaranteed salary and benefits and those who are willing to trade security to work on new, exciting ideas.

Starr Properties: The Bookends of Broadway


From their office on West Broadway, three of Starr Properties’ leaders joke that, in May, they will have both ends of Broadway covered. They’re opening their second commercial development, Old Hawthorne Plaza, on East Broadway.

COMO Living

A Day in the Life: Meet Ron and Sally Widbin


When Ron Widbin went on a mission trip to Guatemala in 2011, he realized God had other plans for him and his wife, Sally. They traded traditional retirement from their respective jobs at KMIZ-TV and Columbia Public School District for a two-room cinder block home high up in the mountains of Chichicastenango, a Guatemalan town known for its traditional Mayan culture.

The Maneater

Interim UM System President Mike Middleton has student support


Kayla Burrell, vice president of the MU Black Pre-Law Student Association, watched Mike Middleton speak during a press conference Nov. 12 in University Hall in which he was announced as UM System interim president. The UM System Board of Curators selected him three days after former President Tim Wolfe’s resignation.

MU has no plans to accept food stamps


When junior Jonathan Segers applied for food stamp benefits in November 2014, the woman who processed his application told him he could have received benefits a year and a half earlier if he had applied then.

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